Entelechy Arts is a participatory arts company based in south east London. Entelechy
works with people of all ages, abilities
and backgrounds to produce high quality theatre, music, dance and video events
and performances.

The company is skilled in creating work which brings together people who wouldn’t usually meet.

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All families have hidden secrets. Memories of the past come back to haunt an older woman in the moments between waking and sleep.

Bed is a street theatre performance devised by Entelechy Arts and Entelechy’s Older Peoples Drama Group

Brighton Festival: 14 – 15 May 2016
Bristol: 12-15 June 2016
Winchester Hat Fair: 1-2 July 2016

Meet me at the Albany

Working with our collaborative partners, the Albany, Entelechy has created a unique creative arts club for isolated older people.
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21st Century Tea Dance

Entelechy takes the conventional form of the tea dance and brings it screaming and kicking into the 21st century.
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Home Sweet Home

Entelechy’s artistic programme with older people is inspired by the energy, imagination and risk taking of our Elders Company.
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Ambient Jam

Ambient Jam is Entelechy’s unique programme of movement, music and sensory based work with adults and young people who have profound and multiple disabilities.
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Little Boxes of Memories

A multi-sensory story telling programme using touch, smell, sound and visual stimuli to share the life stories of older Londoners.
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Book now for a double helping of two of South London’s hottest tickets when Entelechy’s 21st Century Tea Dance team join up with the iconic Chill Pillteam. We’re serving up an afternoon and evening of spoken work like you’ve never experienced it before. Drag out your gran; get your kids take time off work, for [...]

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