About Us

Entelechy had been making great art for 21 years and continues to develop and manage programmes of work that promote cultural and social cohesion. Every year the company produces numerous high quality arts activities and large-scale performance events. Entelechy is particularly skilled in creating work that builds bridges between groups of people and individuals who lead parallel and unconnected lives, often in the same neighbourhoods. This includes older people from diverse communities, young people, people with learning disabilities and people from different cultural and social backgrounds.

Entelechy develops sustained creative programmes working with individuals and groups over long periods of their lives, often through periods of transition and change. The work places people’s current and lifelong experiences, gifts and needs at the heart of the practice creating art works that build shared meaning and community.

In 2000, Entelechy’s pioneering cross-generational work in the inner city became a key component of Home Office Community Cohesion Projects. In 2006, Entelechy’s elders performance company Seven Ages was formed: 60 to 100-year-olds who use theatre, dance, writing and video to explore themes of identity, diversity, memory, risk and change. Between 2007 and 2009, Entelechy was responsible for the artistic direction of London’s Capital Age Festival, culminating in the pan-London ‘Big Chair Dance’ at Southbank Centre. Last year Entelechy was one of 12 UK arts companies taking part in the UK/Brazilian Government cultural exchange, ‘Points of Contact’. Creative relationships are now being forged between older Entelechy artists and elders in Brazil.

Collaboration is a vital ingredient of all Entelechy practice. The work connects and weaves together the interests and objectives of a wide stretch of organisations ranging from tiny social clubs for 80-year olds meeting in hidden church halls to national and international arts venues such as Southbank and Battersea Arts Centre.

Entelechy Arts is a Registered Charity No: 1068469
Registered in England and Wales No: 3360794