Home Sweet Home

Entelechy’s artistic programme with older people is inspired by the energy, imagination and risk taking of our Elders Company. We will continue to support this powerful cluster of seventy and eighty-year olds in making work that crashes out of their imaginations and pre-occupations as they make the transition into older, old age. Company members have worked collaboratively with Freedom Studios in Bradford to produce a joint touring production: Home Sweet Home

Written by: Emma Adams
Directed by: Tom Wright
Designed by: Hannah Sibai

What happens when you have to leave your own Home Sweet Home and find yourself in a different kind of home altogether?

A home where anything can happen, where the day to day reality of caring and being cared for brushes up against bursts of beauty, high drama, Bollywood show-stoppers and even a little magic.

From the producers of the critically acclaimed sell-out production of The Mill – City of Dreams, comes this heart-warming new theatre show featuring live singing and dancing. Join residents Rosa and Moses on a journey celebrating love, endurance and hope, which will change the way you think about getting old forever.

Home Sweet Home is based on the true stories and experiences of over 200 older people from Bradford, Deptford, London and Stockton.

Home Sweet Home toured Bradford, London and Stockton in 2015.

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