Little Boxes of Memories

A multi-sensory story telling programme using touch, smell, sound and visual stimuli to share the life stories of older Londoners.

Little Boxes was designed to create a bridge between isolated and physically frail older people and young people who have profound and multiple disabilities. The programme enables young people with very different ways of experiencing the world to gain a multi-sensory understanding of the life stories of some of the eldest in their communities.

Little Boxes of Memories is inspired by the work of Entelechy’s Brazilian sister company Casa das Fases. For more about Entelechy in Brazil click here.

Older performers from Casa das Fases have created miniature theatres from recycled cardboard boxes. The boxes contain objects that support the performer to share fragments of their life stories. These are performed in public squares, school playgrounds and many other community settings. We wanted to design multi-sensory equivalents, initially to tour in schools for children and young people with special educational needs.

Visit our Little Boxes website here:- Little Boxes of Memories

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